Concrete Block

We have recently built a new concrete block manufacturing plant to meet the rapid growth of the Southeast's building demands. The new facility is capable of producing approximately 24,000 8-inch blocks per day, or over five million units per year. Over thirty different styles of concrete masonry units are produced with this machine. Standard concrete masonry units are used for construction of houses, schools and buildings throughout South Georgia and North Florida.

Additional capacities of architectural concrete masonry units (ACMU) are also produced at this location. ACMUs come in different textures, styles, and colors. These units are normally used in the construction of commercial projects such as large department stores, food stores, office complexes, and upscale warehouses. Currently Scruggs is furnishing projects in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Redi-Mix Concrete

Scruggs Concrete operates seven Redi-Mix Concrete plants located in the South Georgia and North Florida area. Plants in Georgia include: Moultrie, Douglas, Hahira, Thomasville, Barretts (Moody Air Force Base), and Valdosta. The Florida plant is located in Madison. All plants are State-Certified with computer batching and recording systems installed to assure quality control. Scruggs Concrete maintains an updated fleet of 50 concrete and delivery trucks to meet the schedules of contractors and customers.


Scruggs Concrete distributes face brick for commercial and residential contractors.
Scruggs represents:
Boral Brick
Cherokee Brick
Jenkins Brick
Henry Brick
Cunningham Brick
Pine Hall Brick
St. Joe Brick
Statesville Brick,

displaying over 200 different selections of brick.

BORALVISION, which is computer-aided technology, provides you with the capability of designing the exterior of your house with different colors of brick, mortar, roofs, and trim, prior to building.

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